A Comprehensive Review of the BJ Lazy Load Plugin for WordPress

HI Guys, as you can guess from the title, In this post I will be taking a look at BJ Lazy Load plugin for WordPress.  Before we start with the plugin review,  lets talk about Lazy Loading and why it is worth implementing on your website.

What is Lazy Loading and how does it work?

The concept of Lazy Loading is quite brilliant and the brilliance lies in its simplicity. The idea is to defer the loading of images which are not in the view port.  In other words the idea is to only load images which are visible to users.  The images which are below the fold will not be loaded until the user  scrolls to them.  It reduces the amount of resources to be loaded thus resulting in faster webpages.

This technique can be extremely effective for websites with ton of images. So if you are developing a photography websites or a Pinterest like website the you should definitely look into this.

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