How to add Categories in WordPress Media Library

WordPress taxonomies allow one to sort any WordPress post type into categories for easier access. WordPress post types include posts, pages, attachments, and any other custom post types. Images in the media library fall under the attachments post types.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to add categories in the WordPress media library. This is important since it can help one to sort and find images fast and with ease. We are going to use the Media Library Categories plugin for this process. 

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How to Prevent Comment Spam in WordPress

Comment spamming is very common for website owners who have enabled comments on their websites. This can lead to poor first impressions from your site visitors or even prevent your legit site visitors from having meaningful conversations through the comment system.

However, while there might not be a way to completely get rid of comment spamming apart from getting rid of the comments themselves, there are a number of things you can do to reduce comment spamming on your website. In this post, we are going to discuss ways through which you can prevent comment spamming. They include;

  1. Restricting the comment privileges to registered users.
  2. Setting up a comment moderation system.
  3. Using a third-party comment system.
  4. Creating a list of blacklisted words.
  5. Reducing the number of links allowed per post.
  6. Using a WordPress comment spam plugin.

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How to Install a WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugins are PHP scripts that are used to extend the functionality of WordPress. They add many features to a basic WordPress installation as well as enhancing the features of WordPress. You can find free plugins at WordPress that you can download and install to your WordPress installation. You can also find them on the WordPress plugin repository on your WordPress installation.

In this post, we are going to discuss three ways you can install a WordPress plugin. They include;

  1. Automatic Plugin Installation.
  2. Uploading through the WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  3. Manually installing through an FTP client.

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How to Install a WordPress Theme

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System we have today. There are millions of websites that have been designed with WordPress due to its stability, flexibility, and ability to support any size of a website. There are notable big name brands such as The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music and MTV News that use WordPress for their websites. That tells you how effective WordPress is.

When using WordPress for your website, you do not have to start from scratch. There are thousands of themes that have already been designed for you, and that can match almost any type of website that you need. But how do you install the WordPress themes? In this post, we are going to discuss three steps through which you can install a WordPress theme. They include;

  1. Installing from the WordPress admin panel.
  2. Manually uploading a zip file of the theme.
  3. Using an FTP client.

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How to Create a Child Page in WordPress

In WordPress, pages are arranged in a hierarchical manner, meaning that you can create a page and a subpage. A subpage is also known as a child page. When creating a page on WordPress, by default, the page is usually standalone or a parent page. This means that it is the main page. However, you can create another page under the main page, which is referred to as the child page. So why would you need to have child pages? Sometimes when developing a website, we might get to a situation where we have too many pages.

This can bring in a lot of confusion especially in identifying categories that such pages go under. For example, you might have an About Us page, Our Team page and Our Values page among others. The Team and Values pages can be created as child pages under the About Us page, which would make things easier for organizing your website content and keep it clean. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create a child page. Before creating the child page, we will create a parent page.

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How to Install a WordPress Theme on Localhost

In this tutorial I will share step by step instructions for installing a wordpress theme on localhost computer.

We installed WordPress on a Windows machine using Xampp in this tutorial. We are going to pick from that WordPress installation and add a theme.

We are going to cover three ways of installing a WordPress theme;

  1. Copying a theme file to the WordPress file system
  2. Installing through the WordPress dashboard.
  3. Uploading a theme file from your computer.

Lets start.

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How to Install WordPress on Windows using XAMPP Server

WordPress is the world’s most popular tool for creating websites. It is capable of creating any style of website, from a simple blog to a full-featured business website. You can even use WordPress to create an online store.

If you are aspiring to be a developer, WordPress is one of the few content management systems that you will find yourself learning. Most people who have never built a site find it very easy to get started with WordPress since with WordPress, you do not necessarily need any coding or design skills to get a professional website. There are millions of freely as well as premium themes available for download. You can simply get such a theme and change the appearance and content to match your prefered website design.

In this tutorial, we are going to cover how to install WordPress on a Windows machine using Xampp. We will cover two major topic;

  1. Installing Xampp on a Windows machine.
  2. Installing and getting started with WordPress on a Windows machine.

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How to Deactivate a Plugin when you are Locked out of WordPress Dashboard

There are situations when you can get locked out of the WordPress dashboard. There are several reasons why this happens, and most of them have different solutions. Some of the reasons that may lead to a person being locked out of WordPress dashboard are : 

  • Your username and password not working as well as the recovery method. This might be caused by forgetting the username and/or the password or someone hacking your website and changing the login credentials.
  • You can also be locked out of the WordPress dashboard after attempting to log in with the wrong credentials many times. This is an excellent way to block hackers who use software to try and get your login credentials.
  • The dreaded white screen of death. This happens when you see a blank white screen when you visit your website. This can be caused by several issues among them a problem with one or many plugins.
  • A PHP parse error. This can happen when you alter the website’s code and forget something as small as a semi colon. You can edit a plugin code or a theme code and forget something. This might lead to issues accessing the WordPress dashboard.
  • Installing incompatible or corrupt themes and plugins.

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How to Setup a Custom Page as Home Page in WordPress

By default, WordPress shows the posts page as the home page. This is the page that has your latest posts, shown in a reverse chronological order. However, website owners may prefer to show a static page or a splash page as the home page instead of showing the latest posts.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss a step by step guide on how change your wordpress front page. We will set up a static page as your home page. I am going to assume that you have a WordPress website running and want to change your homepage.

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