How to Setup a Custom Page as Home Page in WordPress

By default, WordPress shows the posts page as the home page. This is the page that has your latest posts, shown in a reverse chronological order. However, website owners may prefer to show a static page or a splash page as the home page instead of showing the latest posts.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss a step by step guide on how change your wordpress front page. We will set up a static page as your home page. I am going to assume that you have a WordPress website running and want to change your homepage.

Step 1 : Creating a New Page

To create a new page, we will first log in to the admin dashboard as shown below and then point at the Pages option on the right hand side menu. This will show another drop down menu from where we will select Add New.

Creating a page on WordPress

This will take us to another page that looks like the one shown below. Here, we are going to give a title to the new page and add some content to it as well.

Creating a new page screen

After creating the content, make sure to proofread it to confirm that the content is right and meets all your expectations since this is the page that your site visitors will see first when they visit your website. I have assigned “My New Page” as the title for my page and created content as shown on the screenshot below.

New page title and content

When done, click on the Publish button on the right hand side of the screen above. This will publish the new page. We will now need to set it as the front page for our website.

Step 2: Change the site’s home page.

After creating and publishing the new page, we are now going to set it as the front page of our website. To do that, point at the settings menu option on the admin dashboard to get a drop down menu with several options, among them Reading.

Selecting Reading on settings

Click on Reading to go to a page that looks like the one below;

Default Reading Settings

Here, we can see that our home page has been set to show the latest posts by default. We now need to change this to show the page we have just created. To do that, we are going to click on the second radio button to set the home page to show a static page.

Selecting a static page as the homepage

Clicking on the radio button allows us to select a Homepage from a drop down. This dropdown menu shows all the pages that we have on our WordPress website. I am going to select the page that we have just created.

Selecting the static homepage

After selecting “My New Page” to set it as my homepage display (or selecting the page you want to set up as your homepage), scroll down the screen and click on the “Save Changes” button to save your changes.


We have now changed the homepage for the WordPress website. You can edit the content of this page at any time by going to All Pages and selecting this page.

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