How to add a Featured Post Slider in WordPress

In this post I will show you how to add a Featured Post slider into any WordPress Page or Post. We will be utilizing the Advanced Post Slider plugin for this tutorial. Here is what our Final Result will look like


Post Slider Hover with Annotations 1


Looks Great, doesn’t it!!!  The best part is that we will be creating it without writing a single line of code. Oh, did I mention that it will only take 10 minutes of your time 🙂

How to Add a Featured Post Slider


1. Install and Activate Advanced Post Slider Slider.

As I mentioned before, we will be utilizing the Advanced Post Slider Plugin for this tutorial.  It is created by the guys at WPCUE . Download and Install the plugin on your site


2. Create a New Slide Show

Now that our plugin is installed and activated, we will now create our Slider. Click on the Add Slideshow Button under Template One. It will simply create a new Slider.

Add New Slide Show Template One


3. Select The posts to Display.

We will now select posts to display in the slider.  You can select all the posts which you want to include.  Take note that you may also include the pages to include in the slider.

Select Posts to Display - Featured Post Slider
Select Posts to Display

4. Select the Type of Slider

The plugin allows you to choose from three type of slider. For this example I will be using the standard slider. There are lot of settings which allow you to customize things like animation speed, animation type , transition effects etc. Lets keep the default setting for now.

Slider Settings - Featured Post Slider
Slider Settings Screen


5. Customize the Image and Container

The slider automatically picks the featured image to be displayed in the slider. A user can also select  the type image to be included in the slider. The plugin also generates thumbnails which are generated as per the slider size. We will select the image size generated by the plugin (advps-thumb-one).  We will also remove the shadow. The rest of the settings will be used as is.

Container and Image - Featured Post Slider
Container and Thumbnail Setting Screen

6. Setup Title and Excerpt

This setting allows a user to customize the Overlay , Excerpt and Post Title. We will enter excerpt size as 15. Apart from that we will use the default settings.

Title and Excerpt Setting - Featured Post Slider
Setup Title and Excerpt


7. Navigation Settings:

This settings allows a user to finze tune the navigation which appears with the slider.  For example you can select wether to display numbers , bullets or thumbnails as pager. Aaprt from this you can also customize the pager position and alignment. We will utilize the bullet pager.

Navigation Settings - Featured Post Slider


8. Insert into a Post

We are finished creating the slider. Its now time to insert it into a post. You can find the short-code under the Usage settings.

Slider Shortcode - Featured Post Slider


Final Result

Post Slider Hover with Annotations 1


As you can see, creating post slider is very easy and it literally took us 10 minutes of our time. One can play with combination of Setting and Templates and can easily create Image sliders, Image tickers etc.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you have any question then feel free to ask in the comments.

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