Quick Tip: Remove the Menu in Twenty Twelve Theme

In this post I will share a quick and simple way to hide menu in the Twenty Twelve Theme for WordPress. It quite simple and will take only 5 minutes. The best part is that we will achieve this without creating a child theme.

Step 1

Install the Simple  Custom Css Plugin from here

This is simple but very useful plugin.  It allows administrators to add custom CSS styles that override Plugin and Theme default styles. 

Step 2

Enter the following CSS Code

#site-navigation {
    display: none;

Step 3.

Thats it. The Menu will now be hidden . Here is a Before and After screenshot.

Twenty Twelve Theme with Navigation Menu

Twenty Twelve Theme without Navigation Menu



Bonus Tip

If you want to hide the navigation menu in the Twenty Thirteen Theme then enter the following code instead. :

#navbar {
    display: none;

3 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Remove the Menu in Twenty Twelve Theme”

  1. Thank you–your widget worked like a charm, except for one thing: I wanted to embed 2012 into an existing, non-Wordpress website for its blogging capabilities. The navigation bar disappeared as promised when I was strictly in WordPress, but in pages where I embedded WordPress comments using the Iframe command the navigation bar was still there. I would appreciate your suggestions about how to fix this. Thanks!


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