5 Plugins to add Favicon to your WordPress Website

Favicons are an important part of a website. Though Favicons are small, they do have a subtle effect on a website’s branding. Adding a favicon to a WordPress website is as simple as uploading an image to the website root directory , however I have seen that a lot of non technical users find it difficult.

So in this  in this post I will share 5 plugins which can be used to add Favicons to your WordPress Website. The best part is that we will add favicons without using FTP.

5 Favicon Plugins for WordPress


1.Heroic Favicon Generator (Download):

Heroic Favicon Generator Settings

This plugin let you create multiple Favicons from a Single Image. Once can easily select an Image from the media library and genrate different favicons. Here is the list of icons generated

  • Standard Icon File (16×16, 32×32 and 42×42)
  • Windows site icons (ico) (48×48)
  • Standard iOS home screen (57×57)
  • iPad home screen icon (72×72)
  • iPhone retina touch icon (120×120)
  • Chrome Web Store icon (128×128)
  • IE10 Metro tile for pinned site (144×144)
  • iPad retina touch icon (152×152)
  • Opera Speed Dial icon (195×195)
  • Opera Coast icon (228×228)

All these images are stored in the uploads directory. The good part about this plugin is that it generates device specific icons from a single image.  It is a relatively new plugin has been download about 6,500 times.


2. All in One favicon Generator (Download)

All in One Favicon Settings Page

All in one Favicon lets you upload and choose different favicons for the Admin Panel and Front End.  It also supports GIF so a user can display an animated favicon. .

This is a very popular plugin and has been downloaded over 600,000 times.  The plugin was last updated in 2013 but this does not seem to affect its popularity.  It is being downloaded about 400 times a day.


3. Favicon Rotator (Download)

Favicon Rotator Settings Page

It is a basic plugin which allows you to add multiple Favicons and then rotates through them. This is a nifty feature and is not included in any of the other plugins.  It aso support multiple icons for touch devices. This plugin has been download over 60,000 times and has rating of 4.9 on WordPress.


4. MultiCons (Download)

MultiCons Settings Page

At the time of writing this post, Multicons has been downloaded over 63,000 times with Twelve 5 star ratings. This plugin allows a user to upload different favicons for website and admin dashboard. It also supports different icons for Apple devices.

One big flaw with this plugin is that it does not allow you to upload the image from the settings page. As a workaround,  user must first upload the image using Media library and then manually copy paste the link in the settings screen. This according to me could be a deal breaker specially for non technical users. Apart from this minor flaw, it is a good plugin.


5. CBnet (Download)

CbNet Favicon Plugin Settings Page

Simplest of the lot,  Just upload an image and it will be set as the website Favicon.  The supported formats are ICO, PNG and GIF.  Currently a user cannot select an Image from Media Library, but this plugin touts itself as basic with no bells and whistles.. so no complaints there 🙂 This plugin is created by none other than Chip Bennett. At the time of writing this post, it has amassed over 29,000 downloads with a perfect rating.


As with any other thing, WordPress makes adding Favicons a piece of cake.  There a lot of other Favicon plugins available but I feel that these 5 are the best of the lot. If you have been putting off adding that Favicon, now is the time to do it.

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