Best Redirect Plugins for WordPress

If you are a developer or a website owner, you must have come through situations that forced you to redirect a URL on your website to another page. If you have not yet come across this, you will sooner or later.

Most of the times, this need arises from different requirements such as when:

  1. We migrate WordPress websites
  2. There are broken links
  3. We want to redirect 404 pages to a certain page
  4. There is a change of the domain name and you want to redirect to the new domain name
  5. Spam registrations and other page errors

In all these cases, the easiest way to redirect to a new page is by using a WordPress plugin.

These plugins will give you a way to do so without even writing a single line of code. It means that you can do this by yourself even if you do not have any web development skills.

In this post, we are going to discuss the best redirect plugins for WordPress.

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How to selectively display widgets on specific posts or pages

WordPress by default display the widget every where. So if you want to display or hide the  widgets based on rules then you will need to make use of plugins.

In this tutorial I will cover 4 plugins which can be used to hide or display widgets in posts or pages control the widget visibility of specific post and pages. At the end o this post I will also share a code snippet for controlling the widget visibility based on conditional logic.

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How to Bulk Import Users in WordPress

Its very easy to a manually create users in WordPress , but things are not easy if you want to add a bunch of users in one go.

WordPress does not have any inbuilt Import Users wizard, so if you want to add hundreds or thousands of users you are out of luck. You will either need to write some code or use an third party plugin.

In this post I will share a lightweight and a user friendly plugin which will let you import thousands of users with ease. All you need to do is to create a CSV files in a predefined formats and import it using the plugin.  Whats more, you can also bulk import the meta values. Here are the Steps.

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How to Display WordPress Login Form in the Sidebar

The one page WordPress site administrator’s use the most is the login page. And most of us have tried to customize the look of that page in one way or another. However, despite providing a custom look, the login page does not always have to be a separate page.

On the contrary, you can easily put the login form in the sidebar. By doing that, you will be providing a simple log in solution for your visitors. The users will also feel encouraged to register into your site once they see the log in form.

Choosing the Plugin

While it is possible to add the log in form manually, we won’t go into that much hassle. Being a proud WordPress user, we have lots of third-party plugins for that purpose. For this tutorial, I will use Sidebar Login, an absolutely free plugin with more than seventy thousand active installs at this moment.

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How to Backup your WordPress Website to Dropbox

Most of your will agree that backing up your WordPress website is a time-consuming and sometimes, a boring process. Despite being a crucial task, a fair portion of website owners fail to make regular backups of their sites. I sincerely hope you are not one of them.

Nonetheless, there are some ways to make the backup process easier and simpler. There are several excellent free WordPress plugins which let you back up your website without having to do it all by your own. In today’s post, I will discuss about two plugins which allow you to backup your website in Dropbox – UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration and WordPress Backup to Dropbox

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5 Best Custom Code Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is an excellent blogging platform, we know that already. However, when it comes to including custom codes, WordPress does not provide any native option. For that purpose, you will need custom code plugins. These plugins let you do everything including inserting codes into the posts, pages or the functions.php file, highlight code, add code to a specific location of your website etc.

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