How to add Sticky Post to a Category Page

We all know how to add sticky posts in wordpress. Its trivially easy. By default the sticky post appears on the Blog archive. But what if you want to display sticky post on category archives? In order to do that you need to utilize the Category Sticky Post Plugin. Here are the Steps

Install and activate the plugin (link)

Activating the plugin will add a Category Sticky drop down  box to your Post editor. Refer to the screenshot below.

Category Sticky Plugin

You can mark the post to be displayed at the top of archive pace for the selected category.

Points to note

  • The selected sticky post will not appear on the blog archive. It will only appear on the respective category archive page.
  • A category can only have  one sticky post.  Currently it is not possible to add multiple sticky posts to a category.
  • However a single post can be assigned as a sticky post for multiple categories.

 Styling the Sticky Post

The plugin adds a custom css class “category-sticky” to the sticky post. So you can easily style the sticky post using custom css. The plugin also allows you to add a border to the sticky post so that it stands out. This setting can be turned on/off via a checkbox



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