How to Display WordPress Login Form in the Sidebar

The one page WordPress site administrator’s use the most is the login page. And most of us have tried to customize the look of that page in one way or another. However, despite providing a custom look, the login page does not always have to be a separate page.

On the contrary, you can easily put the login form in the sidebar. By doing that, you will be providing a simple log in solution for your visitors. The users will also feel encouraged to register into your site once they see the log in form.

Choosing the Plugin

While it is possible to add the log in form manually, we won’t go into that much hassle. Being a proud WordPress user, we have lots of third-party plugins for that purpose. For this tutorial, I will use Sidebar Login, an absolutely free plugin with more than seventy thousand active installs at this moment.

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How to Show Posts from Certain Categories in WordPress SideBar

Category is an important feature of WordPress. By categorizing your posts, you can provide a properly organized site to your visitors. Unfortunately, WordPress does not provide lots of options when it comes to displaying category or related posts. In this regard, the only option you have is the Recent Posts widget. The simple and basic widget does not provide any customization or sorting options.

In today’s post, I will discuss about four plugins that will let you display posts from specific categories. These plugins will allow you to display recent and relevant posts in different ways.

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5 Best Custom Code Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is an excellent blogging platform, we know that already. However, when it comes to including custom codes, WordPress does not provide any native option. For that purpose, you will need custom code plugins. These plugins let you do everything including inserting codes into the posts, pages or the functions.php file, highlight code, add code to a specific location of your website etc.

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5 Plugins to add SoundCloud to WordPress

SoundCloud is the one of the most popular platforms for sharing free music. It is also an excellent place to find out new and interesting music, soundtracks etc. If you use SoundCloud regularly and want to display some of your favorite tracks in your WordPress website, you will need specialized plugins for that purpose.

Today, we will discuss about 5 of the best plugins to add SoundCloud to WordPress. By using these plugins, you will be able to showcase your latest tracks, playlists or your favorite SoundCloud channels in your WordPress Website.

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How to Add Google Site Search to WordPress

While WordPress has successfully emerged as the most popular Content Management System (CMS), it still performs poorly in the search department. If you are using the default search feature in your WordPress website, your visitors might not get the appropriate results. For that reason, most WordPress websites rely on Google to provide the search facility.

In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to add Google site search to your WordPress website. After going through this tutorial, you will learn how to –

1. Add Google site search without using a plugin,
2. Add Google site search by using a plugin.

Let’s see how to do it without using a plugin.

Adding Google Site Search without Plugin

In order to add the Google search feature in our website without using a plugin, we will use Google’s Custom Search Engine (CSE). Here are the steps.

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How to Embed Slideshare Presentations in WordPress

I think most of you are already familiar with slideshare presentations. A slideshare presentation includes text, graphics and other contents which accompany a speech or an event. We are familiar with showing the presentations in the projector screen, but did you know that you can also embed them in your WordPress website?

In my today’s discussion, I will show you how to add a slideshare presentation in your WordPress website. There are three ways of doing this –

1. Adding Slideshare Presentations in a Page / Post without using a Plugin
2. Adding Slideshare Presentations in your WordPress Sidebar
3. Adding Slideshare Presentations by using a Plugin

Let’s see how we can add a presentation without using a plugin.

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5 Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

In one of our previous posts, we showed you how to display a Google Map in your WordPress website. Among the three ways we talked about, one was titled ‘Adding Google Maps using a plugin.’ We discussed about a plugin for that purpose. However, there are some other excellent Google Map plugins for WordPress. We thought we should introduce them to you too. And here you go.

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How to Add Google Maps in WordPress

If you want to include a map in your contact us page, want to provide a map with your upcoming event or want a map for any other reason, you can definitely use Google Maps. And do you think you will need to hire a professional for doing this? Well, not actually. Adding Google Maps in WordPress is easier than you think.

In today’s post, I will discuss  how you can add Google Maps in your WordPress Website. More specifically I will be covering the following

  1. Adding Google Maps to a Page / Post without using a Plugin
  2. Adding Google Maps to your WordPress sidebar
  3. Adding Google Maps using a Plugin.

Let’s try to do it manually before we do the plugin way.

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Comprehensive Review of UpDraftPlus Plugin for WordPress

Among the various advantages of using a popular platform like WordPress, having a lot of free services is a very obvious one. You can easily get lots of free themes and plugins that will make your job a lot easier. Today, I will talk about a plugin which will help you in creating backups of your site.

While there are lots of free and premium plugins available for backing up your WordPress website, UpdraftPlus is the most popular among them. This free plugin could be used to back up, restore, and copy your WordPress website. Before I begin the actual discussion, make sure that you have downloaded and activated the plugin.

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