How to Embed Slideshare Presentations in WordPress

I think most of you are already familiar with slideshare presentations. A slideshare presentation includes text, graphics and other contents which accompany a speech or an event. We are familiar with showing the presentations in the projector screen, but did you know that you can also embed them in your WordPress website?

In my today’s discussion, I will show you how to add a slideshare presentation in your WordPress website. There are three ways of doing this –

1. Adding Slideshare Presentations in a Page / Post without using a Plugin
2. Adding Slideshare Presentations in your WordPress Sidebar
3. Adding Slideshare Presentations by using a Plugin

Let’s see how we can add a presentation without using a plugin.

How to Add Slideshare Presentations without using a Plugin

To add a slideshare presentation into your WordPress website without using a plugin, you will need access to an online slideshare website. For this tutorial, I will use In order to use this website, you will have to register first.

Once you have registered yourself and logged in, you will be able to upload your existing slides or create new presentations. Alternatively, you can browse through the existing presentation and use one of them.

Open your selected slideshare in a new browser tab. On the bottom part of the slideshare, you will find an icon similar to ‘<>’. Click on that icon to open the sharing section. You will find lots of sharing options including Facebook, Twitter, Email, Embed, Shortcode, Link etc. We will use the embed method.

Click on the code block of ‘Embed’. At this point, you will find two more options just below the code. The ‘Size’ option will allow you to define the size in pixels. In your website, the slideshare will be displayed in the size you choose here. Then, the ‘Start on’ drop-down menu will let you define the first page of the slideshow.


Once you have set up these things, copy the code from the ‘Embed’ section. Paste the copied code into a page or post and you are done.


Now, if you load that post or page, you will see the slideshow embedded into the body. Keep in mind that you have to paste the copied embed code in the ‘Text’ view, not the ‘Visual’ view.


How to Add Slideshare Presentations in the Sidebar

Adding a slideshow in the sidebar is almost the same as adding a slideshare in a post or page. You will need to select a slideshare in and then copy the embed code for that slideshare. I have discussed the complete process of copying the code in the ‘Add it without a plugin’ section. If you have skipped that part, please read that section until the point when you copy the embed code for the slideshare.

Now, as we will add the slideshow in a sidebar, we have to use a widget. From your website dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets. Find out the ‘Text’ widget. Drag that widget into your desired position. Provide a title and then, paste the copied embed code in the description field. Click ‘Save’ and reload your website. Voila, you have the slideshow in your sidebar.


How to Add Slideshare Presentations by using a Plugin

If you don’t like to add the presentation manually, then you can use specialized plugins for that purpose. I will use SlideShare for WordPress by Yoast for this tutorial. The plugin is very simple and does the job nicely.

After installing and activating the plugin, you will find a new sub-menu titled ‘SlideShare’ under the ‘Settings’ menu. That page provides only one option, which allows you set the width of the presentation.


There are two ways to display a slideshare with this plugin. The first way is really simple. You just copy the URL of the presentation from and paste that into the page or post body in a new line. If you load that post or page now, you will find the presentation embedded there.


The other way requires some more work from your part. First of all, log in to Then, find out the slideshare presentation you want to use. Click the ‘<>’ icon of that presentation. Copy the code of ‘WordPress Shortcode’ section. Now, paste that copied code into the post or page body in a new line. That’s it. You have embedded the presentation in your post or page successfully.



So, that was how you add slideshare presentations in your WordPress website. That wasn’t very hard, right? However, if you are still confused about anything discussed above, please let me know. I will try to clear your confusion once and for all. 

Foysal Ahmed

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