How to Bulk Import Users in WordPress

Its very easy to a manually create users in WordPress , but things are not easy if you want to add a bunch of users in one go.

WordPress does not have any inbuilt Import Users wizard, so if you want to add hundreds or thousands of users you are out of luck. You will either need to write some code or use an third party plugin.

In this post I will share a lightweight and a user friendly plugin which will let you import thousands of users with ease. All you need to do is to create a CSV files in a predefined formats and import it using the plugin.  Whats more, you can also bulk import the meta values. Here are the Steps.

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How to Link Widget Titles in WordPress without using a plugin

By default WordPress does not accept hyperlinks in the widget title.  Even if you enter a hyperlink , it will strip down all the html tags  and simply print out the text.  So basically in order to link the widget titles, we’ll need to find a way to make WordPress accept html in Widget Title.

The Snippet

Here is a little snippet which lets you add a hyperlink in the widget title. The snippet  makes use of widget_title filter and it will dynamically replace custom tags with actual html tags. You can use the Code Snippet plugin to run this piece of code.

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How to Insert Navigation Menu inside a Page or a Post

In this Post I will share a technique which can be used to insert the Navigation Menu inside your content like Page or a Post. It is really simple and can be done without writing any code.

The Idea Behind

Well the concept is pretty simple. We will insert the navigation menu by embedding the Custom Menu widget inside our content. We will utilize the AMR Shortcode Widget plugin for this.

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How to Display or Hide Widgets on Specific Pages and Posts

In this post I will cover 2 plugins which can be used to conditionally display widgets on specific pages. There are a lot of use cases for conditionally displaying widgets. For example if you want to display the login widget on particular pages, then you can do so easily with these plugins

Using the Display Widget Plugin (link)

The Display Widget Plugin is immensely popular. It has been downloaded half a million times and has rating of 4.8.

Using the plugin is quite straight forward. Just Install and activate the plugin.

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How to Change Background Color of Text Widget – WordPress

In this Post I will show how you can quickly change the background color of a WordPress Text Widget.  Here are the instructions

Change the Background Color of all Text Widget

Use the following CSS rule to customize the background color of all text widgets.

.sidebar .widget_text { background-color:yellow; }

This rule will ensure that all text widgets have yellow as their background color. You can use the Simple Custom CSS plugin to add this style rule to your wordpress site

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How to Add Custom JavaScript to a Specific Page in WordPress

In this tutorial I will share a simple technique to add custom JavaScript to a specific Page in WordPress. The best part is that we don’t need to make any edits to the templates files or the functions.php file.

The Concept

The Concept behind this tutorial is quite simple. We will make use of Custom Fields to add custom js. Here is what we will be doing

  • We will first create a custom field to hold the JavaScript code
  • We will then simply output the value of custom field on the respective Page

Simple, isn’t it? Lets start!!

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